Some of Our Designs

Nu'u Computers & Nu'u SEO

We are really happy with this re-design of our site. From an aesthetic perspective, we like the elegant new design of the site. It’s easy to navigate and not too wordy. It blends a clean tech-inspired look with Hawaiian nature imagery. From a technical perspective, we previously had two sites, one for our SEO and one for our Computer Support. Combining these two websites plus a new page for Website Design allows the whole business to benefit with the high ranking SEO credibility of the old Nu’u SEO domain. We also added some functionality that helps the business run smoothly- a calendar application that allows clients to book directly into my calendar. We also have a discreet little link to our direct connect software for clients to easily open a share screen with us when our technical expertise is needed on-the-fly.

Cherry Healing Center

Our goal was to create a calming aesthetic for this site and I think we were able to achieve that. Some great shots of Rabakka from Krystle Marcellus Photography, some stunning images of the cherry blossom trees the business was named for, and nice technical shots of the services that this business provides, all helped to bring this site together nicely.

We were able to integrate Rabakka’s existing calendar application into the site. This allows her clients to seemlessly book appointments on their own. We are very pleased with the outcome of this site build.

Big Island Shops

Seeing our local businesses struggle with the changing environment that COVID-19 is creating has inspired us to make this virtual shopping mall. Our goal is to include every locally owned e-commerce site on the Big Island. Bringing them together under a single platform like Big Island Shops Online allows customers to easily find the local businesses they usually only visit in-person. It also improves the online visibility of all the businesses that participate. This is especially important to businesses that are transitioning to e-commerce as a response to the pandemic. For a new e-commerce site, quicker ranking could prevent businesses from folding. We are hoping this site gives some added resilience to our local retailers- they are too special to lose.

It’s been really fun developing this site, I’ve been able to learn about some really cool local businesses that I didn’t even know existed. It was a great reminder of how special our community is. We chose to link to the e-commerce sites in a way that people don’t need to leave the ‘mall’ to browse in the ‘shops’. We like to use images of the shops, when possible, to maintain the window-shopping aesthetic.

Jade Halama Realtor

Jade’s site has been a pleasure to create. She wanted her site to impart the feeling of living in Hawaii. The lifestyle, the unique charm, and the natural beauty of this amazing little island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. We were able to use some amazing photos, from a local photographer, of the East side of Hawaii Island- which totally make the site. She also got some really great shots of Jade as well, showing Jade’s warm and approachable nature.

We got to add some nice functionality to this site too. We put the MLS search front and center on the banner making this site an especially useful tool for people who are in the market for a new home and were able to implement a method where every relevant MLS listing will generate it’s own, indexable, page on the site. This functionality will help to bring natural traffic to the site and help it rank on Google sooner. This site is also a great place to learn more about Jade, it has a short personal bio, as well as some shining reviews from her many happy clients. Overall we are, and most importantly Jade is, really happy with the polished look and feel of this site.

Just Accounting, Inc.

When creating the site for Just Accounting, it was important to me to showcase Jocelyn, the owner’s, excellent reputation in the community. To do this, I added a testimonial carousel which can be seen on most pages with some of her glowing client testimonials. I know that trustworthiness is especially important for tax professionals so I chose to make the banner image on the home page a great photo of Jocelyn’s welcoming face.  I created a portal for this site that allows clients to book appointments directly through her site. I also integrated an e-commerce portal so that clients pay a deposit to create an appointment, that really cuts down on cancellations. One additional thing I developed is an online questionnaire that walks clients through the intake process for tax resolution cases, and even automates most of the work; saving both Just Accounting and her clients a lot of money and time.

Penn Fitness

The Penn Fitness site was especially fun to build. I wanted to reflect the bold aesthetic of the gym itself. I chose the colors of the building at their downtown Hilo location as the dominant colors of the website so visiting the site would be reminiscent of the powerful feeling of a successful workout. Knowing that customer’s choose Penn for it’s excellent MMA and Jiu-Jitsu classes I profiled these classes on the front page. Integrating the gym’s class scheduling software with the site, allows the business owner and manager to easily adjust class availability on the fly. I also added e-commerce functionality which allows site visitors to convert to new gym members, with the click of a button.

Employment Experts

Designing the new site for Employment Experts was a real treat. The site is used both by job seekers and by employers, so I created a pathway at the beginning of the site for each group. This business is people-oriented so I highlighted that by using images of the team, their clients, and their employees. I also created a job-board page that the client can easily update through a customized dashboard.

The result?  A super clean presentation for both target audiences, without any clutter or irrelevant information, and a great front-end portal for everyone to manage what they need to.

Litton Lab - UH Manoa

Since Dr. Litton’s research focuses on studying Hawaiian ecosystems, I was able to use some really stunning nature imagery to reflect that. I balanced that with a bold, clean look that reflects the taste of the client. I integrated the University’s teaching software with the new website so the site is updated automatically when he updates the teaching software. This enables him to save time when creating and distributing new content for his students, colleagues, and other contacts.